Thursday, June 24, 2010

So shines a good deed in a weary world...

Hello my sweeties!

How's your ridiculously hot summer going? Here in the Big Apple (or the Baked Apple, har dee har har!), it's only been "summer" for about three days, and we are smack dab in the middle of our first heat wave!  Be sure to wear your cruelty free sunblock, like this new brand I just discovered right over at the drugstore, Ocean Potion! Here's their website -  - and they have all sorts of awesome, inexpensive stuff to protect you from the sun, and best of all, they're non-animal tested!  WHOOT!!  I've been wearing their Cool Dry Touch SPF 50, and it's great stuff!  Unscented, dries quickly, and it's sweat proof.  Good good stuff for sure!

Also, don't forget to protect your kisser!  Lots of sunblocks are available in lip glosses and lipsticks now, and it will likely say so on the packaging.  A great cruelty free lip gloss to try is Laura Geller's Shine and Shield SPF 15.  It has a lovely, light milk-chocolate flavor to it, and comes in three gorgeous shades.  I have Fresco Gelato and Fresco Berry, and I'm nuts about them.  Here's Laura's site so you can check them out for your own bad selves!

My main reason for posting today is to show you this article, compliments of a buddy of mine (thanks, Billy!).  One of the dogs tortured by the absolutely horrible Michael Vick has found a new home, thanks to our buddies at Best Friends Animal Society  Here's the article,, and really gang, I don't know what to say.  Mr. Richard Hunter, you and your wife are wonderful, awesome human beings, dude.  I hope I can find a way to get this to you so that you know how admired you are by opening your heart and your home to poor little Mel.  In my humble opinion?  There isn't enough jail time for someone like Michael Vick, but the fact that at least some of those poor dogs are able to be placed is some solace.  And huge kudos to Pumpkin too!

Well, gotta make like an egg and scramble!  My boss just handed me a project, so I must get moving.  Much love and air-conditioning to all you and yours - which reminds me, don't forget to keep your fuzzy four-legged love-bugs cool this season!  Never EVER leave them in your car unattended, and try to keep them in the coolest room you can find.  Mr. Edison gets a deluxe size bowl of ice cubes before I head out every day, which means he actually looks forward to me leaving for work, ha ha!

Okay, must get going!

Love and bunny snuggles,

Lisa and Edison

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  1. Great post Lisa. There is a new book that came out today about the Vick dogs.

    Keep up the good works, keep spreading the information that compassionate beauty is truly beautiful in all ways.
    Miss you too! xo