Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Bliss of a Good Purge!

ZOMG!!  I'm back!  I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I didn't get mowed down by the crosstown bus, and I haven't joined the Broadway cast of "Chicago" (although I'd totally rock at ripping tickets in half, you guys!).  

"Plus, she can't sing or dance.  Did she mention that to you?  That she can't sing or dance?"

Damn, I knew he'd sell me out! Anyway, what I did do is pass the paralegal certification course that I was taking (yaay!!!), and I also took the court assistant exam last weekend (which - gonna be honest - not sure that I did so well on that one!), so it's been a really busy past few months.  

So once the dust settled around here, I did something that every girl needs to do once in a while.  I hauled out my makeup case and did a good healthy purge!  Because let's face it - there are some things that seem like a good idea at the the time, and we realize later... ehhh, not so much.  Glitter navy blue eye shadow?  Mmmmm.... maybe on some girls, but I truly don't know what possessed me!  Three different smokey-plum shadows that are different brands, but essentially the same shade?  Yeah, two of those chumps have to go.  So after some of my more unfortunate impulse purchases went bye-bye, I was pretty pleased with the nice, streamlined collection that I have left over, which is what I'm going to tell you about today!  It's not a ton, but I just love blabbing about a few of my favorites!

1.  My ever-popular, ever-beloved Bare Escentuals Foundation and Mineral Veil.  Can't do without them - they cover everything and help me fake perfect skin.  
2.  So I have this big ol' honkin' jar of Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder, which is just like BE Mineral Veil, except it comes in this jumbo jar.  Seriously - I've had it for about a year, and I'm only halfway through with it.  It's ginormous!  When it's empty, I could store all my bath towels and bed sheets in there.  Danielle and Teresa from "The Real Housewives of NJ" could store both of their enormous egos in there.  What I'm saying is IT'S BIG!  I may use it all up by the time I retire - but I'm not sure...
3.  My Aromaleigh stash!  My previous blog before this one was when I told you guys that the wonderful indie company, Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup, was going out of business.  My Aromaleigh stash now consists of: two blushes in "Pashmina" (this gorgeous mid-tone pinky mauve), two eye shadows in "Chocolate Heart" (a frosty taupe/cocoa), two eye shadows in "Fiona", a frosted ivory which is my go-to highlighter, and one shadow in "Charcoal" - which is a frosty charcoal, don'tcha know!  So those are all keepers.
4.  Two of my newest and favorite additions are both from Bobbi Brown - her blush in "Plum", and her lipstick in "Rum Raisin".   Both of which, by the way, I can totally sum up with this.  No lie, they are so beyond gorgeous, I don't know what else to say!

There's a few more things - mascara, liner, a few other lip colors and glosses - but that's the main BBQ that I get by with!

Of course, that's not to say that a streamlined kit works for everyone.  One of the most fun things about makeup is having a sizable stash sometimes!  Believe me, there are peeps over at the awesome Makeup who post pictures of their makeup collections, and some of the pictures are of several big bins, or entire vanity table drawers, full of cosmetics!  It all depends on what works for you, what you use the most of, and whether a little or a lot makes you happy.  Enjoy it!  Have a ball with it!  

I'll try to blog more often, Bootsies!  I love you all and missed you terribly!  Now that my time has freed up, I'll be able to be around more.

Smooches, kisses, and glam-o-rama!

Lisa & Edison!