Monday, July 13, 2009

Product Spotlight - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Today, we're gonna dish about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab ( ! If you're into seriously high quality CF perfume oils with quite a bit of a gothy twist, truly eclectic formulas and scents, and so many blends that it'll make your head spin, than look no further than this funky, indie brand based out of Hollywood, CA.

Their scents run the gamut from sweet and innocent, dark and scary, classic and glamorous. Best of all are what they call "Imp's Ears", commonly known as sample vials, ranging in price from $3.50 for one, or a set of six for $19.95. After you decide what you love - and you will fall in love! - the full sized bottles of the oils are 5 ml size for $15, with some limited editions pricing up a bit more, around $17.50.

Whether you go for the imps or the full sizes, these oils are deep, sensual, and long lasting. There are so many layers to each blend, you can always find a surprise, a scent you hadn't noticed before, from the time you put it on wet, until the dry-down, and throughout your day. It's just like this beautiful, amazing "pop-up" each time you sniff your wrist.

They have a great search engine, so let's say you want something based in a violet scent. Type that into the search, and absolutely anything with a violet note pops up. The folks on the forums are second to none in the thoroughness of their descriptions - so after you find that scent search, the results link you to the forums where dozens of eloquent posters describe that particular oil to you in astonishing detail. It's like having your own personal perfumery, with dozens of choices, right there at your fingertips.

Quite frankly, there's no reason to pay the ridiculous, exorbitant prices that the department stores charge in order to smell gorgeous. Honestly, with as fussy as I am about perfume, the companies who want $75 of my money for something that's not going to last, or that I can't try a tiny vial of for a few days, never fails to chap my butt. There's no reason to not smell fabulous all day long for only a few bucks. So don't miss out on this brand! And especially don't wait and miss out on those limited editions - those are truly the jewels in BPAL's crown! So go get them now, and sniff up a storm, babies!