Monday, May 17, 2010

If you're thinkin' about stinkin'...


How goes it?  Good weekend?  Everybody get laid? (Hee!)

The warm weather is upon us, ladies, and I'm about to let you in on a horrible secret I've suffered with for years.  When I funk up, I STIIIINNKK!!  STINK!  The ironic thing about it is that I'm totally paranoid about ever smelling bad.  I'll sniff myself about a dozen times a day to make sure all the good scents are holding together, and if they're not, I avoid my co-workers like the plague.  Without the help of a good strong deodorant, I'm smelling like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on Day 3 out at Woodstock.  It's a smell that could best be described as "Hardened Criminal", you know?  So I'm big on soaps, perfumes, showers, toothpaste, and our buddy deodorant.  It's a must in my world.

And when I tell you I need tough deodorants, I'm not kidding.  For as much as I really love the idea of using all-natural or organic deodorants, they just don't work on my funk.  If they work for you, go for it!  The fewer chemicals on your body, the better.  But I need the hard stuff, all those new "clinical strength" deodorants/antiperspirants are made for me!

Before I go any further, I do want to debunk the old myth that antiperspirants and some deodorants cause breast cancer.  Let me state firmly for you that there is no link between the two.  None. Allow me to linkify you to the article from The American Cancer Society themselves that totally flushes this silly Internet rumor right down the crapper:  Antiperspirant Use Does Not Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer.  And there you go - can't do much better than The American Cancer Society, now can you?  And with that fear put to rest, please, allow me to continue to regale you with how I smell like a farm animal unless I'm using the best deodorant money can buy.

So I'm loving the idea of these clinical strength deodorants/antiperspirants, but the problem is, they all seem to be the animal-tested drugstore brands.  What to do? 

Here's what to do!  Our friends at the lovely and glorious cruelty-free Revlon just happen to be the parent company of Mitchum deodorants!  And Mitchum deodorant has many versions of Lady Mitchum, which I love.  And now...

See that?  See what the label says?  CLINICAL STRENGTH Lady Mitchum!!  Cruelty-Free and keeps yours truly fresh as a freakin' daisy all day, even in hot weather!  It doesn't stain my clothes, it dries right away, it's cheap, it's cruelty-free, and your grateful and stink-free blogger is finally a happy woman!

Much love, and stay dry in this heat!

Lisa and Edison (whos pits don't stink, but his feet smell like Fritos!)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flying some friendlier skies.

Hey sweeties!
Though I've been totally busy with my class, I didn't want to neglect this blog, and I didn't want to neglect any of you, because you're awesome!  So this week is going to be a "copy and paste" of a post of mine from another board.

My ultimate goal in bringing this blog to you is to hopefully shed some light on great cruelty-free brands of makeup, but other animal-related stuff too, such as CF household products, animal charities and businesses, celebs that devote themselves to animals, etc.  So every once in a while, I'll go off the beaten path and not talk about a specific makeup brand, but something in the news that I got a peek at.  
Here's a link a friend of mine posted at this other board, and it's truly horrifying:

Delta offers money for lost dog

Just reading this will give you chills for sure.  Here's my accompanying post in reaction to my friend posting the link:

It's horrible, absolutely horrible. This is a cautionary tale to anyone deciding to fly with their pet. All major airlines - not just Delta - will treat your lost pet exactly like they will treat a lost suitcase. And unfortunately, that's actual policy - they don't treat it as a lost living being. It's a lost piece of your luggage to them, and nothing more. It's given no more or less importance - you literally fill out a form, and hey, they'll call you if it turns up. Their attitude is: "throw enough money at the flyer, and they can buy a new dog or cat."
The only airline that gives you any peace of mind for flying with your pets is Jet Blue, because they don't cargo animals at all. Each flight has two spots reserved for pets to ride in the cabin with their owners. You book over the phone and double check that a spot on your particular flight is open for your pet. It's $50 (
or it was), and your pet flies with YOU. When I very briefly moved to CA for a few months in 2005, I made damn sure that I flew Jet Blue so that Edison would be in the cabin with me. Other airlines will let you bring your pet into the cabin for a fee, but with Jet Blue, it's a little better - since they don't cargo to begin with, there's no fear of any mixup
and them possibly forcing you to cargo your pet. Of course, if you have too big of a pet, that leaves you with very little choice.
Poor little Paco - his owners must be heartbroken. Like free plane tickets will ever bring him back.

So it's a very sad tale, but just please, please be careful any time you fly with your pet. Just know that other than Jet Blue (to my knowledge), the airlines aren't going to care if your pet is lost, harmed or killed.  A couple of free tickets are supposed to be equivalent to the loss of your fur-baby, and it's not right.  Please show this link to anyone you know who is getting ready to travel with their pet, and make sure they do the research for safe ways to travel.

Edison and I are sending Paco all the positive thoughts we can that he's ultimately found safe and reunited with his people.  

Much love to him and to all of you,

Lisa and Edison