Friday, March 12, 2010

Product Spotlight: Pacifica Perfumes and Body Products!

Hey lovelies! How are you?

I know, it's been about a month, but my class is seriously kicking my butt, you guys. I'm glad and grateful to be taking it, and it's endlessly interesting, but it's SO much stuff to remember in a few months while I'm working full time! So, all that goes to say, I wanted to put up a quick post to let you all know that I'm thinking of you, and I'm sorry I've been away.

AND of course, to very quickly tell you about a wonderful organic brand of perfumes, body care, and even candles called Pacifica (! AWESOME STUFF, bunnies, really great stuff!

Started by Brooke Harvey-Taylor and her husband Billy Taylor in 1996, Pacifica offers eco-friendly, CF fragrance in the forms of spray and solid perfume, body butters, and candles! Right now, I'm rocking their Lotus Garden perfume, and I'm in LOVE! And let me tell you, it was hard to decide - the number of beautiful, yummy fragrances they have makes you want to take them all home. Of course, since Brooke's stuff is pretty reasonably priced, you probably could take home a bunch if you wanted to! It's just this fresh, lovely, clean-smelling stuff that makes me really hanker for spring to just get here already! Pacifica is vegan and sulfate-free, contains no mineral oil, parabens, or any of that other scary crap that we're trying to weed out of our lives these days.

So... you wanna get your smell-good on? Head to Sephora or Whole Foods, or just check out their website for other places near you that might carry such awesomeness. But I'm warning you now.... don't blame me if you develop a following! Or a habit, for that matter! (Hee!)

Okay, so I have to make like a tree and leave (I'm here all week! Don't forget to tip your waitress!), so wish me luck on my studies and my finals, please! And after you're done sending some good thoughts in my direction, you can go cash in on your good karma by loading up on some fun Pacifica products!

Many smooches, everyonesies! Hope you're all well!


Lisa (and Edison, who doesn't help me study, but *does* lay across my textbooks while I'm trying to get some work done!)