Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Sad Goodbye to Aromaleigh Cosmetics

Wow, gang...  

That's really all I can say to this sad news...

It seems that as of August 10th, Aromaleigh Cosmetics will be closing up shop for good.
I know from recent posts that Miss K had been very unhappy with some of the treatment her brand had been receiving around the web, some of the really unkind things that had been said about her as businesswoman.  All I know is, it was a great brand, she created some truly gorgeous colors, and it will sorely be missed.  

I'm surprised, but I'm not surprised, you know?   Miss K is a good person, but I know this business had been taking a lot out of her.  When she discontinued her lip colors this past year, I quickly bought six tubes of Gala lipstick and hoped for the best.  But she'd been fighting to keep her foothold as the mineral makeup market grew more competitive, so whenever something happened that she felt could potentially hurt her business, she'd really take it to heart.  

Of course, as Miss K takes her beautiful makeup and rides off into the sunset, she leaves us with one last discount code, ADIEU35, which will give you 35% off of your entire purchase for new orders.

So let's take this moment to wish Miss K and her staff good luck, best wishes, and thanks for helping us all be glamour pusses while it lasted!

Love to all of them, and to all of you,

Lisa and Edison


  1. I wish I had something to say but as I don't buy make-up, I'll just say what a nice tribute to a cherished store that is soon to be gone.

  2. Good luck on your final missy. I know you will knock it out of the park!!

    Phil, Lil, Ernie, and Scottie
    Jolene (the bird we can't eat)
    Brandy (the puppy we barely tolerate)
    Howard (the feeder)

  3. I never tried their stuff until I saw your post. So I ordered from their Vault and This stuff is amazing. It's probably the best eye color I have ever used.

    Now, not only am I kicking myself for not using it sooner, I'm also very upset they are closing.

    Why? I saw her post saying she was very hurt as were colleagues. Do you know what happened?

  4. I know that she took a lot of flack around the internet - I'm not sure of all the details (pretty much just the stuff I mentioned in this post), but it's a competitive world out there, and I think some other online companies made things pretty tough for her. Plus, I do know of some customers who gave her a lot of crap too. It's a shame, their shadows and blushes were great.