Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's alive!! IT'S ALLIIIVEE!!!!

I AM alive! Are you shocked? I'm shocked that I finally got off my duff to post! How have you all been?

Work has been bananas, and I'm not loving it, but I am glad to be gainfully employed, even if it's by a bunch of weirdos! I have some pretty happy news, which is that I've decided to further my education, and this winter I'll be taking a paralegal certification course here in the Big Apple ("up against the wall and spread 'em!" Bwahaah!) to hopefully transition into a career instead of just a job! So that's gonna be a ton of work, and may keep me away from this blog even further. Hopefully not, but I figured I'd better stick my noggin up out of this rabbit hole long enough to wish you all Happy Holidays, and to post some fun stuff I just found!

Did you ever go over to PETA's website and realize that in their "Shop" section, they have super-cute tees and stuff that flaunts your CF-status? Well, they do! G'head, check 'em out - here's the link to their tees and such ! I mean, look - I know, PETA can be a mixed bag. There are a lot of mixed emotions out there about their methods, and at times, I feel the same way. But I still stand behind their message - animal cruelty sucks. And there are a few tees in that link that are a little more low-key in case you don't want to get all "HEY! I'M WEARING A PETA TEE SHIRT!" I figure, with the holidays coming, why not take a look at gifts that deal with something close to your heart?

Since we're getting all smooshy about da little animals, let me post a link to a very cool news story that didn't get the attention it deserved. While I've never been a fan of "Grey's Anatomy", it seems actress Katherine Heigl paid $25,000 to fly 25 little Chihuahuas to a chihuahua rescue in New Hampshire. The poor little lovies had been dumped off at a shelter by people who purchased them as accessories instead of pets (I'm looking at YOU, Paris Hilton!), and then no longer wanted them. Ms. Heigl ponied up her own cash to give them a better life, and soon the little dolls were winging their way to the rescue in NH - where, incidentally, the rescue workers think they all have a fabulous shot at getting adopted. They said that you almost never see Chihuahuas in NH, so they have a pretty good shot at happy homes. Hats off to YOU, Ms. Heigl! Job well done!

Well, I'm off to rinse the color out of my hair (yeah, you're just lucky this isn't a video blog, y'all!), so have a great rest of the weekend, and I'll see you soon!

Kiss kiss kiss!


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  1. I never thought I'd like Katherine Heigl, but that bit of news made me love her just a little bit.