Friday, August 28, 2009

A Word About Mineral Makeup

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Sorry I've been AWOL, but - you guessed it - the job! Don't worry, once I win the lottery, I'm all yours, 24-7!

So today, we're going to make talk about mineral makeup, and making sure you're absolutely buying a CF brand.

If you're nutso bananas about mineral makeup like I am, you're in good company. I had nothing but blotchy, sensitive, problem skin till I made the mineral switch. Lots of smart ladies have made this change, and their skin has thanked them for it.

The wonderful Bare Escentuals, as we all know, was the first trailblazer into the mineral makeup field, followed closely by such awesome brands as Jane Iredale, Aromaleigh, and Everyday Minerals. In fact, once Bare Escentuals hit it big, many other mineral makeup brands began popping up like daisies, and more importantly, many existing cosmetic brands developed their own mineral makeup to add to their regular liquid foundation line. This is where it gets interesting, and this is the point of my blog today.

Many well-intentioned ladies out there who are buying mineral makeup are assuming - sometimes incorrectly - that if it's mineral makeup, it must be CF, since the first original brands were CF brands. But "Mineral Makeup = CF" is not always the case, so be careful! I've even heard some folks remark, while wandering the aisles of Sephora, "Well, it's mineral makeup, so I know it's not tested on animals." It's an honest enough mistake to make - not only were those first few brands in the mineral makeup field CF brands, many of them were also mostly natural, with very few chemical ingredients to screw up your skin. The brands I mentioned above are all CF mineral makeup brands. But there are some companies that still test on animals who have added mineral makeup to their lines.

We all know how business is - it's a "monkey see, monkey do" world out there. If one brand hits it big with a certain formula of makeup, then many more brands are all too willing to jump on the bandwagon. So what this means for you is that you still need to do your homework, check back here, or email me before you buy! Because, babies, brands who still test, like Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Neutrogena, have all come out with mineral makeup lines, and they're all still tested on animals. Plus, to boot, the brands who still test are adding very few minerals to the actual makeup. So not only do you run the risk of still buying a tested brand, you also run the risk of buying something that has just as many chemicals in it as their other cosmetics. You're all a pretty smart bunch, I can smell it on ya, so don't be fooled!

As always, the good news is that in addition to the CF mineral brands mentioned earlier, lots of the big-wig CF regular brands have a mineral makeup for you as well. Clinique, Estee Lauder, MAC, Revlon - they all jumped on the popularity of mineral makeup, too, so there are plenty of CF brands out there to pick from.

As always, I loves ya! Have a great weekend, and I'll smooch you all to bits very, very soon!



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  1. you make a great guide. now I know what to look for on shelves :D