Friday, May 22, 2009

Product Spotlight - Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup

Happy Friday!

If you've jumped onto the mineral makeup bandwagon with the enthusiasm that I have, you're going to really love today's spotlight product.

There's a little company out of South Carolina called Aromaleigh Cosmetics and Aromatics (, and they make what is, for my money, the best mineral cosmetics and makeup around.

Now, I'm not going to slag on the biggies like Bare Escentuals. I like BE very much, they're pretty much the mack-daddy of mineral makeup, and far be it for me to bust on any CF product that's good for your skin. I wore BE for five years, but Aromaleigh gives them some serious competition.

I'll start by saying that its only drawback is that you can only order it online. So how do you go about testing it out? Simple - on their website, Aromaleigh gives you options for ordering samples of their foundations, concealers, finishing powders, color-correcting powders, primers, eyecolors, lipcolors, and blushers for a very small price, anywhere from 80 cents to a couple of bucks (give or take, depending on what you want to try) per sample. If that sounds like a lot, keep in mind how much you get in each little sample pack - they'll last you a good long time while you try them out. I'm currently still using a blend of two sample packs of foundation that I ordered a month ago, and I'm not nearly finished with them yet.

And you'll be grateful for those samples, because the selection of shades that Aromaleigh offers will simply boggle your mind! Whatever your skin shade or tone, they have a foundation and a concealer for you. Their eyeshadow colors? You'll go old and gray before you have a chance to try them all. Honestly, I haven't seen huge cosmetic companies in the department stores that have the selection that this little indy brand has.

Their shipping is second to none - it's a one to two day turnaround at most. And how else do they hook you once you receive said package? Simple - they always include three samples in with your order. They pick the colors, usually two eyeshadows and a lipcolor. And will you get hooked on those? I predict you totally will! Their colors are some of the most rich and saturated of any brand I've ever seen. Biggies like MAC and Estee Lauder have got nothing as far as color and depth like Aromaleigh does.

The foundations and concealers are incredibly wearable and natural looking. I don't know how they do it, but their foundations are sheer, but still give you great coverage. Plus, they have two formulas - their Voile foundation for oilier skin, and their Glissade for more sensitive skin types.

Their prices are incredibly reasonable - they're cheaper by a good $10 on foundation than Bare Escentuals, if that gives you any idea, and the prices of many of their products run as low as the drugstore brands do. Plus, with first time buyer coupon codes, the birthday club, and sales on selected products, you can get a lot for very little cash.

In addition to being CF and great for your skin, they also donate a portion of their profits every month to Heifer International (, a non-profit organization whose goal is ending world hunger and poverty through self-reliance. Quite simply, there's nothing to not love about this company.

So if you're looking for a more wallet-friendly CF brand that gives you zillions of options, plus has a humanitarian side to it as well, I can't recommend Aromaleigh enough!

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!



  1. Great review! As a suepr recent MMU convert I'm totally hooked and addicted. And I'm rather 'fussy' and hard to please. :)

  2. Great review on AL!
    I really like AL. Their quality is impeccable :)

  3. This is a good review! I do love mineral makeup and love to give my business to small businesses especially if they have a quality product at a good price and great customer service. Thanks AL you meet all this.