Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of COURSE I Know I Suck!

(*Ducks in case rotten tomatoes are thrown her way*)

I know…I know…I KNOW!  I suck!  I not only suck as a blogger, but I suck AND blow, which is pretty bad!  So how are you all?  Did everyone have a good holiday?

So yes, work has been crazy, then there were the holidays, then work got – and continues to be – crazier, and I hope to god I have a new job come springtime.  Also, I’ve been staying off the internet at work when it comes to fun stuff, so that by the time I get home, I’m too exhausted to blog.  All of which adds up to more excuses that just prove that… I suck! 

Anyway, I think rather than me continuing to promise that I’m going to blog more and not doing so, I’m just going to leave it at this – I promise to blog whenever I can find a spare second, which could add up to ginormous chunks of time that I don’t blog.  But on the other hand, whenever I do blog, hopefully that will lead to you guys saying, “Hey!  She blogged!  That means she’s still breathing!”  Because me always promising to blog and then not doing it isn’t fair to all of you. And it makes me look like the blogger version of the absentee parent who goes out for a gallon of milk and then never comes back!

Anyway, you didn’t think I’d come back without bearing gifts, did you?  Let me show you the latest thing I’m in love with, as I sample around the cosmetics world like a hooker at a convention in Vegas!  It’s two skin care products by the wonderful Ole Henriksen (

First, I’m totally loving his Skin Insulator with SPF 15.  

It’s a moisturizer made for dry and sensitive skin, but this is truly amazing stuff.  Why?  Because even though it’s made for dry skin, it goes on truly matte, which is a total first!  I’m not complaining, mind you, but I’ve never seen that before!  I’ve seen a crazy guy take a swing at a police officer ticketing his car, I’ve seen my psycho neighbor next door throw a book at another neighbor who came up to tell her to keep it down, and I’ve seen two pizza delivery guys playing with each other through their pants on the F train out of Queens (What? I live in NY!).  But I’ve never seen a dry skin moisturizer that leaves you matte AND actually moisturizes!  It’s a miracle.  If I’d posted this in December like I should have, it would have been a Christmas miracle, but as we’ve already mentioned above, I suck.

The second thing I love in the Ole Henriksen line is his Ultimate Lift Eye Gel.  

Now, again, as with the Skin Insulator, it does what you’d never think it could do.  It cools and refreshes, it decreases puffiness, all the fine things that an eye gel should do.  But it also moisturizes, which normally you need a separate cream for.   This does it all, and it doesn’t gunk up your under-eye concealer!  AND, Kate Gosselin apparently swears by it, so, y’know… hop right on out and buy it now!  (Okay, that was sarcasm.  But she does swear by it in some random issue of People Magazine.  But don’t let that put you off – you should still buy it for yourself, even if you don’t have eight kids and television cameras and press agents and resentful professional dance partners keeping you up all night).

Anyhow, both of these little goodies are reasonably priced ($35 for the moisturizer, $38 for the eye gel), and you can get them either online or at any Sephora (oh, and bonus - Ole Henriksen is one of Sephora's all natural and organic lines)!

So that’s about it for this round!  I must scoot, not only because it’s late, but because I really have to tinkle!  You lovey-doves stay warm, keep moisturized, and remain your fabulous selves that I know you always are!

TONS of love and hugs, and it really is great to be back with all of you again!

Love & kisses,

Lisa and Edison-schmoo head!



  1. Think I am going to have to try this eye gel out!

  2. Yes, you absolutely should! It's great stuff. My go-to eye gel used to be All About Eyes by Clinique - which really is great - but this is even better.

  3. I will have to try this. My eyes are so sensitive to stuff, they get rimmed with red with so many other products. But I'm obsessed with SPF, have to wear it.

    My face has no wrinkles. Now if I could only do something about gravity and it falling. :-p
    p.s. This is for you Lisa, good new tune from Durannie: