Friday, April 2, 2010

And a Peace Fell Across the Land...

Happy Easter and Passover, youse guyses!  Although technically, there are usually only bunnies for Easter, you know that around here, you're all my bunnies!

Okay, so I'm willing to call a truce.  A big, fat, booty-shaking (which would be terrifying if you could see it - WHOOT!) truce with Bare Escentuals.

If you remember my blog from January 15th, I had just found out that our beloved cruelty-free Bare Escentuals had been purchased by Shiseido, a company that still very much tests.  This would make BE a non-animal testing subsidiary of a parent company that tests. And again, whether or not you decide to use a CF product from a parent company that tests is totally up to your individual comfort level.  For me?  Generally, I stay away, because it just bugs me too much. 

But you know, I've been a BE whore since 2004, so it's hard to give that up.  So in one of my moments of "Grumble... grumble... well, okay, lemme just check..." I did a little more homework.  I emailed BE directly and laid it all out for them (oh, dudes, complete with drama! I would have rivaled Halle Berry's Oscar speech in that email!).  They assured me that they absolutely will continue to be cruelty-free, not only with their established products, but with any new ones as well.  Now as you know, many companies who claim to put a moratorium on animal testing will promise to do so only for their established products, but will continue testing on any new ones they develop.  Which, to my way of thinking is still animal testing no matter what they do.  So the promise that BE will continue to remain CF even on their new stuff went quite a long way towards restoring my faith in them.

The other thing I noticed is that PETA still has BE listed on their "Does Not Test on Animals" list - and that's always pretty important to me, since they have such a comprehensive guide about this stuff.  So all of this is my round about way of saying that I still love me some Bare Escentuals, and that as long as they maintain a completely cruelty free stance, I can live with this!

So it's all good...

...we hugged it out, bitches!

Have a happy holiday, no matter how or what you celebrate, and I'll be back to bother you soon enough! Clearly, I love me some mineral makeup, and I have another very fun brand, Meow Cosmetics, that I'm planning on shining the spotlight on in my next blog or so!

Big ol' rib-crushing hugs!

Lisa and Edison


  1. Go ahead. Justify your BE purchases even though your money is being funneled to the evil parent company who still animal tests.

    AHHHHHHHH! The word verification I just had to do for this post to show up?


  2. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" (Love ya, weirdo!)

  3. By the way, I see 6 blogs in April of last year. I expect 6 blogs for this April too.

  4. Haha. You "said" "youse guyses". Like a New Yo(this is where I'm overpronouncing the "aww")rker.