Friday, February 12, 2010

Cruelty Free Hair Care!

Hey honies!

Happy Friday and three-day weekend! And look - I'm going with a new font! Dig me!

I know we've been focusing a lot on CF cosmetics here, but part of being lovely and CF also involves your hair care products! So since we all have different hair types and needs, today's blog is going to be a list of what I find are some of the best CF brands of hair care around.

Now, I will start off by saying that I do The Curly Girl method (, which is a no-shampoo method of taking care of curly hair. Contrary to the sound of it, no, you're not going around with dirty hair - you're still cleaning it, just with different products besides traditional shampoos. There are specially formulated cream-based hair cleansers and sulfate-free, non-foaming cleansers out there that are perfect to keep your curls clean and in shape (traditional shampoos strip the curls and make 'em frizzy!). If you follow the link I posted above, it will explain it all far better than I can! But, keeping with that method, here are few brands to look for for curly hair:
Trader Joe's Spa Shampoo Nourish Spa Shampoo and Conditioner. I don't have a link (the Trader Joe's website just focuses on their food), but this stuff is DIRT cheap (somewhere around $2 a bottle!), and from what I hear, really really great! And not just for curlies - all hair types can use this one.

Other fabulous CF Brands from drugstores and salons, for all hair types, not just curlies:
Yes To Carrots:
Marc Anthony:
Bumble and Bumble:
Burt's Bees: - not just at your favorite health food places anymore, this very affordable brand has been busting out on the shelves of every drugstore I go into!

A few fabulous health-store brands too! Also very "on the cheap"!
Aubrey Organics:
Desert Essence:
Avalon Organics:
Nature's Gate:

So those are a few good starts! As always, if you have any questions about 'em, email me! I don't bite.... haaaard! (13 years after "Austin Powers" came out, and that joke is *still* funny!)

I'm off to kick back for my long weekend - after work ends, that is! Have a great one, a safe one, stay warm, and for goodness sake, go wash your hair! (Hee!)

Smooches, pooches!


Lisa (and as always, Edison!)

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