Wednesday, January 13, 2010

YES!!! Yes yes yes YES!!!

Honey bunnies!

Happy 2010, you beauties! How was your holiday? Did Santa bring you lots of CF goodies?

I have the most fantabulous news! News that I, frankly, have been waiting years to hear!

So, you know that one of my arch-enemies, cosmetic brand-wise, was NARS. For years, I'd heard that they tested on animals, they weren't on PETA's "Does Not Test" list, and there was zilch on their website. And yet, secretly... I loved them, but I couldn't use them. It was the love that dare not speak its name, my dirty little secret, and "Dolce Vita" lipgloss was my forbidden love. I could look, but I couldn't touch.

Well, I don't know at what point they got their act together and decided to finally let the public know about their animal testing policy, but I just did another re-check on their website, and found THIS:

"NARS and Animal Testing: NARS Cosmetics does not and never has conducted any animal testing of any kind. Thank you."

Not to be outdone, Edison says:

"Pffft, please. Like she even found this information herself. I'm the one that found it on the internet, not her!"

So that's the awesome scoop for the day! They either were unfairly branded - I forget by who - as animal testers, or something. I mean, it was all over Makeup Alley that they tested, so I dunno what to think, but there's the good news, right from their very own site! WHOOT!

Have a great time dancing through the aisles of Sephora, babies!


Lisa and Edison


  1. Hi there, I've been researching cruelty-free products for a while and would like to point out that even if a company says it does not tests its products on animals, the ingredients that were purchased to make the final products are not guaranteed to be cruelty-free. I'm skeptical of NARS because it's not listed in either PETA or the Leaping Bunny's cruelty-free directories.. just wanted to share :)

  2. I know, and unfortunately, that is a chance you take. That's why I really prefer organic products - you KNOW that they're safe. As for the rest of them, if they say they don't test, all you can really do is as much research as possible.