Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Hail Joan Jett!

Hey booba-doos!

Hope everything's going great, and since tomorrow's Friday, that you're all looking forward to the weekend!

With all the much-deserved anticipation for the new movie "The Runaways", coming out in March, I just recently caught some pictures of Joan Jett out at Sundance, where she's making appearances with Dakota Fanning and Joan's own Mini-Me, Kristen Stewart, the stars of the film (Fanning and Stewart will be playing Cherie Currie and Joan, respectively). Anyway, I saw all these recent pictures of Joan, and holy crap, y'all! She looks amazing! She's 51 yrs. old, and whether or not she's had plastic surgery remains to be seen. But if she did, her surgeon must be a genius, because she's never looked better. This isn't one of the Sundance pictures (because they're all huge, and I don't know how to shrink them!), but here she is from a year or so back.

Amazing, right? And you know, I hate to say this, because it's so sexist and annoying, and when people say it to me, it makes me want to flick them on the nose - but she's so pretty when she smiles! I mean, who knew? I've only ever seen her sneering and scowling since 1982, so I had no idea her face just lights up when she looks happy.

Anyway, out of curiosity about the movie, I was Googling stuff about the Runaways, and it turns out that Joan is a friend of the animals! Yes, the Divine Ms. Jett is a veggie, and is full-on Cruelty Free! Here's the link to a short little interview Peta2 did with her where she talks about being a veggie and living a CF life in general:

I don't know about you, but frankly, I loved the part where she talks about taking in her four stray and shelter cats, and then having to rescue random lost birds *from* her cats! Hee!

So there you go - one of the legendary bad-asses of the 80s, living a kind and consciously CF life, and looking amazing while doing so! Maybe she hasn't had her face done after all - maybe it's from CF living, or maybe she's just a happy that she kept her cats from being bird killers!

Have a great weekend, luvvies!


Lisa (and Edison - who sympathizes with Joan's cats...)



  1. Hypocrite. In regards to the smiling. :-)

  2. Hey stinker! (Hee!) So good to see you here, buddy!